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Four Reasons Why Enterprises Should Lease, Not Buy, The iPad Air

The use of PCs for running an enterprise was an effective means for a long time to date. Mobile phone and Tablets take up sole responsibilities for heavy jobs of a CEO or a worker in an enterprise. The iPad technology is experiencing massive up-gradation with every passing day for office use. With every up-gradation,…

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How can iPad Hire Help Small Businesses?

3 Unique advantages of iPad hire for small businesses No one knows your business better than you. Investing right is the key to success especially for the start-ups and the small businesses. If you are a technology freak or a go-getter who likes to employ the latest technology to run the show, then iPads are…

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4 Ways to Use iPads at Your Next Event

We all know that iPads are among the most popular devices available today. They are fast, stylish, extremely durable, long- lasting, pleasant to look at and the pinnacle of technology today. They also are a huge status symbol and using an iPad instantly makes anyone look successful, even if they are not. Hence, it is…

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