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Throwing some Light on the present scenario of the Event Industry: The Event Industry has changed randomly because of the advancements in iPads since these are compact and proves a Happy medium amidst a small iPhone and the largest MacBook.


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The Most Recommended iPad Applications for our Customers

  • Zoom: It came into existence because of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Turning the Yellow pages, four years before, people were enjoying the Zoom Parties, having official Meets through Zoom Meet and attending Conferences through Zoom Webinars. Event Planners who desired to host a small, safe, easy and streamlined way to host a Gathering, Zoom, was the answer. Zoom has Free and Paid plans.
  • On Zoom: On Zoom is a tool of Zoom which, targets Event Professionals. In turn, they are able to express and host their online experiences which, could be monetized easily and are also scalable to the newer audiences. Event Planners can add an Event in case, it is open to the public. This works well because there are different kinds of Libraries. One can list and sell Tickets through the application, promote the Event and the Application also offers Event series options.
  • Social Tables: This is a very smart Application which, helps Event Mangers stay well organized through the complete Event process. Commencing from solutions such as Seating and Diagrams, Interactive Floor Planning and Sales Software, the Event is well knit from the very early stages up to Post Event Data gathering. However, this is not a Social Network Platform.
  • Eventbrite: It is one of the well-known Event applications and also a Social network of sorts. Users can enter in their location and browse through Events is that same location which, helps to promote the Event. Additionally, it favors Event Planning and Execution, such as, customizing it, managing Tickets, Email Campaigning and providing the Real time Insights into Event performance.
  • Lidar Applications: The iPad Hire Dubai 2020 comes with the Lidar Applications, rather, the Lidar Technology which, uses Light energy to measure a Room. It has the ability to create a Picture of something and how it might look in the space in the future. Therefore, the possibilities in this Technology are Endless. Rooms can is the example of a Lidar Application which, is meant for Space Planning, such as an Event Space. Magic Plan is also an added example.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications: The Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology helps users to connect in the most remote Environments. While VR Technology is an interactive way to engage the participants in an Event, they can also meet each other, view virtually, a concert, participate in Games and Team building activities. The All Seated Application, comes with Virtual Floorplans and Walkthroughs for the Event planners. 

Techno Edge Systems LLC comes with iPads which can help the Event Industry: Feel free to reach to our team on +971-54-4653108. Our website is www.ipadrentaldubai.com.

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