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iPad Repair in Dubai

iPads are the most popular tabs preferred by professionals and individuals alike. Apple has taken a leap by releasing a new iPad series every year.

Even though the iPad is a reliable tool for events, it has some common problems after prolonged use.

Common iPad problems

  • Can’t connect to the WiFi network
  • The device has been frozen and is not responsive
  • iPad has a black/red/blue screen of death
  • The device has been stuck in the reboot loop
  • Can’t put the iPad in recovery mode
  • The iPad battery is not charging or charging slowly
  • The iPad keeps crashing
  • The iPad touch screen is not working
  • The iPad home button/power button is not working
  • There was a problem downloading the software for the iPad

Following a few handy tips, it is easy to fix iPad problems.

iPad Repair in Dubai

Solutions to fix common iPad problems:

Restart the device: Restarting the device resolves different kinds of issues related to the iPad.

Force restart the device: If the iPad is frozen or not responding then it needs to be hard reset. A frozen iPad can be fixed by force restarting the device. This solution is fruitful for a completely unresponsive iPad. It is advised not to force restart the device frequently as it decreases its efficiency.

Reset network settings: If the iPad is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network or is unable to send or receive messages then resetting the network settings helps to fix the problem. Resetting the network setting and restarting the device helps to fix the problem.

Erase all content and settings on the device: Erasing the content and settings on the iPad will resolve connectivity and functionality issues. It is necessary to take a backup of the data before selecting this option.

Put the iPad in the recovery mode: A black unresponsive screen on an iPad can be resolved by putting the device into recovery mode. After putting the device in recovery mode go to iTunes for updating and restoring the device.

Put the iPad in the DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode: Consider this as the last option for an iPad problem as it will erase all the data on the device.

iPad repair from a professional service provider is always a good choice as they avoid further damage to the device.

Techno Edge Systems LLC offers professional iPad Repair Services in Dubai.

Our expertise lies in using advanced technology tools to fix the iPad issues. Our Apple-certified technicians use genuine parts to replace the damaged parts.

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