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MacBook Rental Dubai

Using the MacBook for the first time might be challenging for someone, especially when using a Windows device for long.

It takes time to be familiar with the various features of the MacBook.

MacBook’s are efficient gadgets with high-performance and productive apps that give an engaging experience to the user.

MacBook’s come with incredible features that make life a lot simpler.

Experimenting with the MacBook and using its various features helps get maximum benefit and makes the user a pro.

Learning tips and tricks to use the MacBook will make working on it easier.

MacBook Rental Dubai

Tips for Efficient use of MacBook’s by New Users:

Take screenshots: New users need to press Command+shift+3 to take a screenshot of the entire screen. For capturing a part of the screen, use Command+shift+4 combination with the mouse cursor and press the shortcut.

Manage applications: It is best to install the apps from the official App Store. Learning about application management helps to use the MacBook efficiently.

Rename batch Files: A selected list of files can be chosen and renamed with a unique name for easy identification. Ex: All the files related to a specific product release can have a name after the product.

Annotate PDFs and images: Editing PDFs is easy with a MacBook. When opening a PDF file via a finder, there is an annotation toolbar. The toolbar lets to highlight, annotate, and draw shapes. After completing the editing process, save the file, and the changes will be there when the file is opened the next time.

Use spotlights: Spotlight is an application that allows doing calculations and converts units. Spotlight is also used to search documents, files, emails, applications, music, and other media files.

Record screen: To record the screen content instead of using screenshots, the QuickTime application of MacBook is the right choice. It is a standard feature that allows capturing something animated.

Enlarge the cursor: macOS has a feature that allows locating the cursor that is not visible on the screen. The cursor will become bigger if you wiggle on the screen or run a finger back and forth on the trackpad. After it is located it will automatically shrink back to its original size.

Lookup word definitions instantly: MacBook’s have an integrated reference tool that lets you access a word definition. Press Command +control + D. A window with definition will pop up, giving the information about the word.

View special characters: The magnifying glass icon on the top right allows you to search all special characters on the macOS. It is easy to include emojis and special characters while texting with friends or drafting a document.

Add signature to documents: Open any document via the Preview application. Select the pen icon and click on “Create signature from built-in iSight”. The signature is captured via webcam.

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