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iPad Rental Dubai

Retail sales are all about customer engagement with the use of high-end technology gadgets.

Physical stores compete with online stores that allow customers the convenience of shopping at anytime and anywhere.

Attracting customers to the stores and compelling them to buy products is big challenge retail stores are facing today.

iPads are versatile gadgets that provide an engaging and immersive experience to customers visiting the store.

Using iPads as a marketing tool in the retail environment is almost unlimited. iPads are easy to use, lightweight, affordable for businesses, can connect to the internet.

iPad Rental Dubai

Ways iPad is useful for marketing and branding:

Run contests in Retail Stores with iPad: There are several apps in the App store that retailers can use to engage customers. Contests related to product marketing and branding helps customers to know the product specifications in detail. They get attracted and give into buying the product. Short-term contests that boost customers’ in-store time help retailers increase sales.

Social media apps: The iPad has a lot of social media apps that retailers can use to collect customer information, share product information, and carry out marketing and branding activities. On Spot Social app is a cost-effective solution to the biggest social media marketing challenge that helps grow the online community.

Loyalty programs: iPads kiosks help run loyalty programs in the retail stores. Shoppers reach up to an iPad kiosk in the store, enter their e-mail address, and are asked a question related to the products. If an answer is provided they will be awarded a few points. By collecting points, customers are rewarded with prizes and discounts for their loyalty.

Compare other products and decide the best: iPads can be used to allow customers to compare the products displayed with other ones in the market. Before allowing customers to compare the products the retailers must ensure their products are of the best quality and offered at competitive prices. This helps in building customer confidence and allows for improving the brand image of the products.

iPads as information kiosks: iPads act as a great tool to share information about certain products with customers in the store. iPads can be connected to the LED TV or a computer for displaying the content on a large screen. This helps retailers to display products in a more attractive and presentable way to customers.

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