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iPad Rental in Dubai

iPads are compact and advanced technology gadgets that are a perfect choice for conferences, training, and event organising.

Event managers always lookout for innovative ways to make an event innovative and successful. The appropriate use of technology helps in organising the most engaging and innovative events.

iPads are powerful handy tools that help to ease every task with a varied number of apps and features that come along it.

Buying an iPad for short-term use for organising an event turns out to be a costly affair. iPad rentals are cost-effective options for organising events.

iPad Rental in Dubai

Ways to use iPads for Event Organising:

Interactive presentations: Conveying ideas and product details becomes easy with the in-built apps and high-resolution display screen during presentations. The product details can be viewed with all the finer details and explained to the client for more impact. iPads make tasks more efficient with speed and accuracy.

Invites and registrations: Creating digital invites on the iPad gives a trendy and elegant look that helps impress your clients. Registration forms on iPad are more convenient rather than managing a stack of papers during the event.

Boost your sales: iPads are useful devices for sales promotions and marketing events. The ease of connecting to the web from any place with an iPad helps connect with clients and display products and services for promotional purposes. The data collected on the iPads during attendee registrations help to pitch your product through the various social media apps that are accessible from the iPad.

iPads help in the easy digital payments:  Flight booking, paying vendor bills, and money transfer all become easy with iPads. The online payment apps available on the App store make it possible for safe and secure online money transactions.

Networking:  iPads help to build a network of contacts for promotional and business purposes. Organisers and attendees can bond over games and online contests while sharing each other’s details for future reference. This helps in creating a brand image and improves business prospects.

Virtual connectivity: iPads facilitate connecting through remote locations for attendees who cannot attend the event in person. The in-built camera allows attendees to participate in the event through video conferencing.

Compatibility with other external devices It is easy to connect the iPads to a projector for product presentations and sales promotions. The iPad can be connected to a TV or monitor to display clippings, advertisements, or service-related information.

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