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Managing any event be it a corporate event, product launch, conglomerate exhibition, virtual seminar or a grand wedding party; event managers have to scrutinize every step of the plan that keeps them organized throughout the event planning. Advancing through technology, what can be better than a powerful handy device called the iPad to direct every task at hand.

If you want to save the initial investment cost of buying the product for the cash flow, don’t have time and resources for the logistics and customization of the iPads with the necessary software and data plans, iPad Hire Dubai got you covered.

1. Pitching and Presentation:

Before the event kicks off you may have to pitch a client or a sponsor to persuade them that you are the best fit for the job. iPad makes intricate things look simple and elegant by its inbuilt iOS apps and Apple pencil that enhances the ability to convey your ideas with precision.

2. Invites and Registrations:

Creating elegant digital invites and registration forms on iPad is more convenient rather than printing them on stacks of papers. Also with the data plans and iCloud in place thousands of invitations can be sent at a go. The apps Eventbrite and Entry Manager do the job for you pretty much end to end.

3. Marketing of the event:

The leverage of using iPad is that you can keep an eye on the sales and registration at anytime of the day. Such analytical data gives a lead for marketing. Also you can bank on the social media apps integrated with the iPad for digital marketing.

4. Administrative work and digital payments:

Whether it’s the ticket booking of attendees, delegates or paying bills to the vendors, apps like Fight track and PayPal are at your disposal.

5. Seminar PPT’s and Animations:

Once the event is live, you can connect your iPads to a projector, TV or a monitor to showcase any clippings, speeches or advertisements. It can also be connected to video conferencing apps if one wishes to be virtually present at the event.

6. Networking and Games:

A huge audience in events facilitates to build a network of contacts for future references. This marketing strategy can be put to use by using SpotMe, QRPager and myguestlist which are based on simple QR formats wherein you can share your details with each other over a brisk conversation. For some social gathering events, an n-number of games can be conducted using iPad for team building and inducing the spirit of sportsmanship.

7. Capture moments and click candid’s:

Various content throughout the event can be captured with the various camera inbuilt features and apps and built a story around to share it later amongst the attendees or can be used as promotional content for future reference.

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