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Apple is one such electronic brand in the industry that has a huge fan following and people love this brand’s products for so many reasons. From design to customer service, everything about the Apple brand is of top-notch. Now, when it comes to devices Apple always launches and differentiates the products depending upon the budget. There will always be a normal version of a device continued by a pro version too. The people who are on a tight budget can go with the normal version of the device and the ones who can spend a few hundred bucks extra can go for pro versions.
So, yeah is it worth it to spend extra amount for the pro versions of the Apple devices? Let’s compare and find out more details about it in this article. Hire iPad Pro.

iPad Display

Now, the first and foremost thing that you have to know about any device is its display. There is a considerable difference between iPad and iPad pro version of Apple. The iPad Pro model has Apple’s Promotion technology with a 120 Hz refresh rate. This will provide users with a soothing experience. From browsing the web pages to streaming videos, users can do everything without any hanging issue or hassle using this display feature.

The enhanced refresh rate and Apple pencil will surely give you an experience as if you are writing on a paper with a pen.

Now, the iPad comes with retina display and supports Apple’s pencil too. It surely works well considering the pricing. You won’t find a huge difference between the devices until and unless you place them side by side. Once you try iPad hire to know the features and working of it before you invest in it.


This is where the iPad Pro has a great advantage when compared to normal iPads. The camera they come equipped with is best in class with some of the amazing features in them. You can shoot the videos in 4K and there is a chance to shoot super slow-motion videos too.

It indeed is the best option in the camera segment.


iPad won’t offer you the connectivity with Apple smart keyboards. But, this isn’t a big issue though. iPad has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features already which helps in connecting the device to almost all the devices that iPad pro does other than the smart keyboard. This smart keyboard is connected to the iPad with some special sensors and not connecting with it isn’t going to impact the iPad’s usage much.


At the end of the day, you are going to get the same iOS experience and every other thing that Apple offers. There are some small differences and you can ignore them if you want to go with the iPad. If you want to try, you can hire an iPad pro as well as an iPad for rental once and check which one matches your taste. For More info visits our website – www.ipadrentaldubai.com.

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