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Entrepreneurs’ with advances in technology need to change their way of doing business by using the latest electronic gadgets like tablets, personal computers, smartphones, etc. Tablets right now are satisfying the business needs of entrepreneurs, especially those who are operating small and medium-size business establishments.
Tablets have responded with enterprise-level apps thus allowing companies to keep their employees mobile by providing them iPad Hire services to enable them to work productively. The latest models of iPad hire such as iPad Air are serving as a powerful business tool.

With the right applications and accessories use, the tablet can serve as a powerful business tool.

You can run your business by using the tablet in the below-mentioned ways-

Use your tablet as a phone

The majority of tablets these days are coming with the facility of using it as a phone. If you load your tablet with Google Voice, Skype, or WhatsApp and then with your Bluetooth headset you can easily use a tablet as an internet phone to make and receive your business calls.

Use your iPad Hire Tablet for Customer Relationship Management

You can also use your tablet to view, retrieve customer information by using Customer Relationship Management or CRM software like Salesforce or Sage data while in the field. You can also use services like Card munch or Bump to put your business data on your tablet.

Managing Documents

Another way of using the tablet is using it as a laptop or desktop personal computer. You can access your documents from anywhere and send the documents to any device using a cloud. You can keep your business-related documents in the cloud and access them with a tablet for true mobility.

Conduct Inventory

The inventory process of any business establishment is always tedious especially for those enterprises without a more sophisticated barcode system. However, with iPad hire, the inventory process can be made quite easier by using one of the many apps available in Google Play such as Inventory Tracker or InFlow inventory. You can also create your own database with the Filemaker platform for iOS.

Get Paid Faster

You may also receive your payments for your services or for selling your products by issuing estimates, sending invoices, and scanning your receipts right from your tablet. With applications such as Outright, QuickBooks or Fresh Books you can manage your accounting right from the tablet.

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