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We all know that iPads are among the most popular devices available today. They are fast, stylish, extremely durable, long- lasting, pleasant to look at and the pinnacle of technology today. They also are a huge status symbol and using an iPad instantly makes anyone look successful, even if they are not. Hence, it is not surprising that you should be using an iPad to help elevate your brand’s standing amongst your market and customers.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use iPads for events. And in case you do not wish to purchase them, you can always opt for iPad Rental from Techno Edge Systems LLC for any event.

The following are a few ways in which you can use your iPad’s for events:
1. As a Brochure:

Printed brochures are no doubt very attractive and are a traditional way of doing things. However, one thing to keep in mind is people tend to remember unique experiences more than normal ones. When you organize or participate in an event, it pays to be different. You can always choose to create a beautiful, colorful catalog and have the amazing display of the iPad showcase it for you without having to print anything. Plus, it will be memorable!

2. Play Advertisements/ Promos on it:

Normally, in events, people tend to use huge TVs or display boards to advertise or promote their brands. Rather than setting up such huge devices which are a distraction to everyone, and also very expensive to hire or buy, use smaller and much more economical and flexible devices like the iPads which allow you to carry the advertisement video directly to your customer and interact with them while they see it. It is bound to leave a lasting impression, isn’t it?


3. Hand Them Over To Delegates:

Identify the most important delegates in your event, and hand them over these iPads which have pre-loaded apps, calendars and event details on them to enable them to better keep track of the happenings. This will surely be a gesture they appreciate and which shows the importance they hold for your organization. Even if they are a temporary gift, it still shows the care and appreciation you have for them.

4. Conduct Surveys:

You can also use the iPads to conduct surveys and save money and human error involved in hiring humans for this purpose. The survey details will automatically be uploaded onto the iPads and can be used at any time apart from giving a great experience to the users.


Now that you’ve seen how to use iPads at your events, feel free to head to our website www.ipadrentaldubai.com or Call us +971-54-4653108 and hire them at your convenience. Rest assured that our service will be top notch irrespective of your requirement!

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