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iPad Air rental enables small and medium-sized businesses to compete with large enterprises…

Though the iPad Air is not available on the shelves for sale anymore, it continues to win the users through iPad Air rental. iPad Air is best known for its affordable price tag while still carrying the bells and whistles of the regular iPads. And, this has become the unique selling point for the iPad Air. At Techno Edge Systems we offer bulk iPad Air rental for businesses, classroom training, kiosks, meetings, tradeshows, etc.

Why iPad Air rental is ideal for Businesses?

iPad Air 2 is ideal for those who need a bigger screen size, but whose budget is small. It comes with the screen size of 9.7 in with the retina display and anti-reflective coating. This basically means you can use the iPad Air in the brightest of the rooms and even under sunlight without affecting the visibility.

The A8X processor is by no means a compromise. And, one shouldn’t forget that the iPad Pro is adapted from the iPad Air 2 model.

The better screen time, awesome processor under the hood, 10 hours battery life, lighter, thinner, but large screen size and available under much affordable price range are enough reasons to lure the businesses to seek iPad Air hire.

Benefits of iPad Air rental for businesses
  • Low upfront cost: Like with any tech equipment, leasing bulk iPad Air models helps in deterring the biggest challenge of small and medium business owners. Your employees can enjoy the iPad experience without putting much pressure on your pocket.

You can avoid paying the upfront cost of buying the iPads in bulk. Instead, you can divert the resources to pay the rent, tax, suppliers, and utility bills etc.

  • Reduces additional costs: When you purchase iPads, you are also inviting a lot of additional costs for ensuring security, repairs, software updates/installations etc.

When you seek iPad Air rental, the rental cost covers all the supposed additional costs.

  • Takes care of depreciation: First off, the iPad Air is no longer for sale. So, if you are keen on iPad Air models, the only way to get hold of the model is through iPad Air rental.

However, like any other tech equipment, the iPads are also prone to cost depreciation. Moreover, the iPads are likely to become obsolete within six months from the time you purchase by looking at the speed, Apple is releasing its latest iPads.

If out of the blue, Apple comes up with a better iPad model which is cost-effective than iPad Air, then you can always upgrade to the latest version without a hiccup after discussing with your service provider.

If the above pointers happen to convince you to seek iPad Air rental for your employees, contact Techno Edge Systems at +971-54-4653108 or visit our website www.ipadrentaldubai.com for more information.


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