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iPads have become versatile electronic devices during the tradeshows, social events, product launches, seminars, and at many more events. From attendee registration to tapping the customer feedback, the events are unimaginable without the iPads. At Techno Edge Systems, we offer all models, from the earliest to the latest iPad rental Dubai at affordable rates. We also offer accessories like iPad stands, Apple Pencils, and other frills that you might require during the event.

Listed below are the questions you should ask the iPad rental company before taking the iPad on rent.

For long is the iPad rental period?

iPads are frequently required on rent for a short time duration like on hourly basis to weekly to monthly, and yearly basis as well. Usually, for events such as tradeshows, or product launches or seminars, the clients might want to rent iPads on an hourly basis. For application testing or testing the iPad before buying, iPad rental can go from weeks to months.
At Techno Edge Systems, we rent the iPads to individuals and bulk rental on an hourly, monthly, and yearly basis based on the requirement of the client.

What kind of support does the rental company offer during the rental period?

Usually, the rental company should offer online and in-person support to fix any issues with the iPad without any extra charges during the rental period. Should the need arise; they should replace the malfunctioned iPads with a new piece.
First off, our iPads are well-maintained giving no reason for the customer to complain. However, we extend support to fix any issues with the iPad during the rental period and ensure that the customer experience with our iPads is thoroughly enjoyable.

How much inventory of iPad rental can the company afford?

If you are looking for training or for a short-term project, you might want to rent iPads which are more or less similar without major differences to avoid bias. A good number of iPads which are identical on all grounds hold much appeal to the customers.
At Techno Edge systems, we have a huge inventory of iPads and are capable of letting out 100s of iPads on rent at the same time, where the choice of the iPad models is not limited as well.

Does the rental company offer to deliver the stock at the site?

The rental company should ideally deliver the iPads to the venue and set up the iPads for use after checking the trivial, but important matters like internet connectivity, availability of the required apps, etc.
We at Techno Edge Systems, we are not only prompt in delivering the stock of iPads at the location, but also offer to pick up the inventory after use.

What is the cost of iPad rental in Dubai?

While the iPad rental cost might vary, the ideal cost should be competitive in the market, not way too off towards the extremes.

At Techno Edge Systems, we assure you that the iPad rental cost in Dubai is affordable and well under your budget.
Contact Techno Edge systems for more information and iPad rental in Dubai on +971-54-4653108 or visit our website www.ipadrentaldubai.com.


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