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Seek iPad Rental in Dubai from Techno Edge Systems

iPads are multi-faceted devices with which you can tap numerous functionalities at your next event. They hold the capability to cater to diverse audience interests with its applications in several areas. From improving the customer engagement to increase the productivity, the iPads can be the true show stoppers at your business events or tradeshows. To make your upcoming event a grand success, seek iPad rental in Dubai from Techno Edge Systems. We have a huge inventory of iPads of all models from smallest iPad mini to the latest iPad Pro to meet every need at your event.

How can iPad rental turnaround your upcoming event?

1. Self-check-in kiosks: iPad self-check-in kiosks are the perfect way to welcome the attendees at the events surprising them with a paperless, easy check-in process giving them a birds-eye view of how tech-centric the event is going to be.

2. Print event badges or labels: You can literally run the show using the iPads at the event. With the help of the wireless printers, you can print event badges for the attendees as a token of participation.

3. Go paperless: Providing handouts, brochures, and maps are the usual ways to keep the event informative. Using iPads instead of paper makes the event more crisp and professional.

4. Interactive presentations: You can encourage the attendee participation at the event by incorporating slide sharing, live question-answer sessions, and surveys. This not only makes the sessions more interesting but also helps in post-session analytics to gauge the learning and improvement.

5. Feedback and survey: Setting up the iPad stalls to collect the attendee feedback about the event can improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction, which thereby leads to brand loyalty in a long run.

6. Mobile Point of Sale (POS): iPad POS systems are the quickest way to make business conversions at the events. All you have to do is add the inventory, use magnetic credit/debit card readers to accept payments and generate receipt using receipt printer.

7. Instant mobile photo booth: Add a touch of personalization through innovative iPad mobile booth concept. The iPad photo booths not only give the audience something to remember by about the event but also add fun to the otherwise business-centric events.

8. Improve attendee engagement through games: IPads are popular for their huge collection of apps which can cater to almost every need to the user. Making use of gaming apps like Livecube, Crack the Code can turn the event into an exciting experience for the attendees.

The sky is the limit to tap the application of iPads at the event and what can be a better way to achieve this than iPad rental. Get the best deals of iPad rental in Dubai at Techno Edge Systems. Contact us for best price quotes at +971-54-4653108 or visit our website www.ipadrentaldubai.com.


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