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Sixth Generation iPad Hire Dubai

Once again, we would like to hammer upon the fact that renting the electronic products definitely has the upper hand as it helps us stay to up to date with the technology. Here’s today’s story to support our statement.

It might not be news to many that Apple has revealed its Sixth generation iPad at an education event in Chicago earlier this year at a budget price of $329. And the good news is, while only the Apple iPad Pro series support the Apple pencil, so does this sixth generation Apple iPad too. However, Apple has evidently done some smart thinking and outsourced the manufacturing of the Pencil to Logitech instead of compromising on the cost themselves. Though it has raised quite a few eyebrows, the result is a $69 Crayon Digital Pencil. Starting from the month of September 2018, the Logitech crayon is available in all the Apple stores and Logitech websites for sale.

However, the obvious drawback we see is that this Logitech crayon is compatible only with the Sixth generation iPad, but seems to be amazing on other grounds. Its two min charging is apparently equal to 30 min of battery life, which is incredible by all means.

So how does Logitech Crayon fare up with Apple Pencil?

Though the Logitech Crayon has the Apple Pencil technology behind it for pixel-perfect precision, palm rejection, and overall responsiveness, there is a massive underlying difference from the Apple’s very own pencil.

First off, let’s cover the cost front. The Logitech Crayon is full $30 cheaper than the Apple Pencil. Built wise, the Apple Pencil is taller and sleek than Logitech Crayon. Apt to the name Crayon, the Logitech stylus is more kid-friendly in design with bright orange cap, power button, and tip. Another major plus is the charging. All Logitech Crayon requires for charging is the regular iPad/iPod charger. In all, we give a perfect ten to the Logitech Crayon by all means.

We at Techno Edge Systems LLC highly recommend the sixth generation Apple iPad hire to try its latest features including the Logitech Crayon and check out its awesomeness by all means. Call us at +971-54-4653108 if you are looking for any kind of iPad Rentals in Dubai at affordable prices.

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