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As a recent trend development in the market, the iPad that is released from Apple Inc incorporates the 32 GB space with 4G connection and has been a versatile device for the fast data networks. This would mean that, with this built-in configuration you could seamlessly download videos, music and actively work on your emails at the quickest time possible.

These iPad do come with a splendid retina display and could readily incorporate the 5 MP iSight camera which combines the 3.1 million pixels in it.

Techno Edge’s take on the latest iPad variant the Apple iPad Air 2 32 GB (Wi-fi + 4G).

Techno Edge Systems, LLC have been able to bring about new variation in the market and have been able to rent an ipad. Further these iPads would bring about the best of features with it all the time.

We have the latest variant of iPads with the following technical specifications embedded in it
  • 32 GB Hard disk space
  • 7 inch retina display with multi-touch
  • Built in Wi-fi & 4G
  • 5 MP I Sight front & rear cameras for photo & video
  • Bluetooth
  • Dual core A 5x chip with quad core graphics
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • iOS 5 and iCloud

Apart from this above mentioned model, we at Techno Edge constantly keep adding many more such version as a part of rental.

Customization’s in iPads:

In the event that any customer wants to have further more customization with reference to the rent. Our team is always on a forefront in rendering the most customization iPad variant to the customer for his accomplishment.

The new variant Apple iPad Air 2 32 GB (Wi-fi + 4G) has been the successful model in the market today as it is a versatile device to bring you the best leverage for the following events:

  • Product presentation
  • Product campaigns
  • Technical Conferences
  • Trade Shows

Since this range of iPads weighs less, it can be carried in a small bag with much more ease and comfort.

Network Connectivity:

Since Apple iPad Air 2 32 GB (Wi-fi + 4G) incorporates the high configuration network compatibility, it brings about the seamless network connectivity with ease as the device can be plugged with the Local Area Network (LAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and the data packets.

The new variant with the requisite technical support:

Techno Edge Systems have been known for the technical support service specifically on the rented iPads which are being rented out to the customers. Our technical support services have been a testimony by many corporate customers who receive the technical support for the rented iPads.

In the event that you are looking forward for a rent a iPad please approach us for the same as we can provide you with the finest iPad which could fulfill your accomplishment goal. Please approach Techno Edge Systems, LLC or call us at +971-54-4653108.

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