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iPads have carved a niche for themselves in the segment of computing. One cannot deny their importance in the life of the students. Portable to the core, ease of operation and the availability of abundant apps for a wide variety of use are a few factors that are making the idea of virtual learning a reality. The iPads can prove to be an effective mode of learning helping the students and the teachers providing an ocean of knowledge. However, students who are usually on a tight budget find buying an iPad quite an expensive affair. Here is where the concept of iPad rentals offers the advantage of having the iPads within the reach of high school and college going kids.

Every one of us at one point in time has been a student and had our irresponsible ways causing anxiety to our parents or guardians. Listed below are a few absolutely free apps that will help the students survive through their college/university education making them more responsible.

The free apps include:
  1. Evernote: This app is available in the app store for free. Taking notes, organizing videos, audios, sketches, PDFs, and sharing with others who have the app, are the features possible on the app. You can also make the group projects an easier job. Evernote Plus and Evernote Premium are the paid versions of the app.
  2. Pocket: This free app available in the App Store allows you to save the videos, stories, audios or links in the pocket for free. The best part is you can come back and access the links saved even offline. You can save the links from the sources like browsers, Facebook, twitter, Flipboard and Feedly into the Pocket app.
  3. VSCO: This free app from the App Store is for those who are totally into editing the photos and uploading them in the social media. The photo editing in VSCO will result in beautiful photos worth uploading in the social media.
  4. Flashcards +: This is one free app, which as the name suggests is quite helpful for the students to memorize the notes right before the exams.
  5. BigOven Pro: This free app is for those who want to try their culinary skills in a big way. Though students find it hard to take time for cooking, this hub of 350,000 recipes will inspire even those who like minimal cooking, also take up the art. It helps in impressing your friends and colleagues with your cooking abilities.
  6. Feedly: This free app is for those who want to binge on reading and collecting news. This is a cross-platform app and a hub for collecting and categorizing the news from various publications.

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