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iPads are selling away like anything in the market today for their advanced features. Be it any purpose, adults and kids prefer using iPad and have been their ardent lovers since their inception. Interestingly, there is a new innovation in the game system for iPad called Osmo. Adults can derive ultimate gaming experience from iPads just like kids with Osmo.  But the high prices of these pads can be a costly affair for many and it may seem impossible to be the owner of an iPad. So you may miss the pleasure of the game as well as availing the advanced features of iPad. Do not think even for a while. We at Techno Edge Systems LLC can figure out your woes and so offer you rental iPad to help you have the best iPad experience. Take a wise decision by hiring our iPads which we offer in Bur Dubai, Dubai and U.A.E. We do not burn your pockets with high prices but provide the opportunity of hiring them at much affordable prices.

Here’s how the innovative game system Osmo works and gives you all the fun with our rental iPads

The iPads are accompanied with a starter’s kit, which contains a dock and a reflective mirror. To play the game, the iPad is placed on the dock but some add-on puzzles or blocks should be purchased. To attain the same effect, you can replace the blocks with any other objects but the dock is irreplaceable. The mirror attaches itself to the iPad camera and the Osmo app records everything in front of it.

Osmo monster is one of the games on iPads that you can interact with, using drawing pens. You can draw certain articles while the monster tells a story. This is suitable for young kids. For adults, you have Newton set based on Physics where a ball drops and you can control its projection by locating on paper the exact place you want the ball to land. One other game ‘Coding jam’ creates music and is one of the latest games introduced for adults. Children can seek fun with coding jam too but in a different way. So fun is made greater with games on iPad.

Why should iPad rentals at Techno Edge Systems LLC be your best source of hiring?

Irrespective of where you are located in Bur Dubai, Dubai and U.A.E, we deliver the iPad rental within a few hours of your request. Our company will offer flexible rental terms varying from one day, one week or more than a month. As you require so you hire. Packages are flexible and so you can save money when you hire for a long term. Get good technical support from our service providers round the clock.

Why hesitate to hire an iPad? Techno Edge Systems LLC is available on +971-54-4653108 or for Email at raj@technoedge.ae.

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