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Out of the blue, Apple has launched its latest iPad. The bars are higher than ever before, especially after the launch of the iPad Pro. While the higher cost would have been a spoiler with the iPads in general, the latest iPad 2017 has changed that too. Touted as the cheapest iPad yet, the latest Apple iPad has some best cards to play. Opt for iPad rental today from Techno Edge Systems, LLC to get your hands on the latest iPads and do not forget to take a peek at our blogs section for some interesting stories.

Looks like, the latest Apple iPad is launched to replace the iPad Air2. To us, however, the latest iPad is a mixed bag of features. There are certainly some new add-ons, but there are some compromises as well. First off, it has all the latest technology incorporated into it. The A9 chip from the iPhone 6S makes its way into the iPad topped with a 2GB RAM.  The much-hyped touch ID itself gives every reason to the customer to grab this latest Apple product.  Another bonus is the 32 GB of storage space, a thumbs-up for buying this product.

On the downside is the omission of the anti-reflective screen that makes it difficult to view the tablet under the bright sun or at nights in the brilliant light, especially after having handled the anti-reflective screens.  Another sore thumb is the thicker iPad, which is heavier than both iPad Air and iPad Pro measuring 6.1 mm in thickness weighing 437 gm. Looks wise the model is pretty laid back and is more in lines with the 2013 iPad Air model.  The chassis is same as that of the iPad Pro with the matte finish giving it a look of sophistication unlike the other iPads with the glossy finish. The two speaker setup is also a little of a letdown when compared to the four speaker setup of the iPad Pro. Despite a few drawbacks, the latest iPad is lot deal better encompassing all the modern conveniences.

While iPad Pro leaves no room for complaints, the latest iPad, on the other hand, was clearly not made to set benchmarks. In fact, the whole idea is to introduce a budget model and a possible intermediary until the 10.5 in iPad Pro is introduced, which is highly likely to make it to the WWDC next month. Apple has to come up with nothing short of a miracle when it does launch the highly speculated 10.5 in iPad Pro. With much slimmer bezels, the 10.5 in iPad Pro is expected to look more like the 9.7 in iPad Pro.

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