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iPads offer the perfect amalgamation of fun and work. Ease of use and numerous gaming apps extend the user experience multi-fold, providing unparalleled entertainment. On the other hand, the portability, right kind of apps and accessories can turn an iPad into a powerful work machine.

With the wear and tear of the daily use and the iPads subjected to a lot of apps download every day; there might be a chance that the functionality of one app disagrees with the other, the iPads are susceptible to freezing, slowing down, locking up or turning off. Most of the times, the problems can be fixed by simple steps, which we are about to see in the article. However, for the rest of the times, we at, Techno Edge Systems,LLC offer all kinds of iPad repair services in Dubai.

Swift fixes for Apple iPad related issues:

Undoubtedly you might have faced certain issues like – slowing down, freezing, unexpected switch off, or out of the blue an error message popping up; for troubleshooting such issues there are some common steps, you might have to follow as quick remedies.

After each step, you can check if the issue is resolved.

1. Reboot the iPad: This might resolve a majority of the problems like flushing out the memory of the iPad when there are many active apps running or closing down the apps that could be the culprit of the malfunction. All you have to do is hold down the power button on the top and the home button together for a few seconds and the iPad will reboot.

2. Charge the iPad: At times, when the charge is low, the iPad might slowdown in performance. When an app requires higher performance from an iPad than the current level, the iPad might appear to freeze. Therefore, charge the iPad and check if the issue is resolved.

3. Check the iPad’s storage space: Try and see if the iPad is low on memory. For this, go to Home screen-> Settings->General->Storage& iCloud usage. Check and troubleshoot memory related issues.

4. Close down the background apps: Sometimes the apps running in the background can affect the performance of the iPad, therefore, it is highly recommended to close down the apps that are not in use.

5. Delete the culprit: Many a time, certain apps could be the cause behind the freezing screen. If at any point in time, you feel that an app could be the culprit, then delete the app by holding down on the app for a few seconds until the symbol x appears on the right hand side top corner. Click on the mark and the app will be deleted.

6. Restore to factory settings: If freezing of the iPad screen continues, then the ideal thing to do is restore the iPad to the factory settings. You can do this by selecting the device from the iTunes and click on the Restore button. This action will have the iPad check with you if you want to have a backup of the data, which you are supposed to, then click to proceed to restore. Restoring the iPad to the factory settings will flush all the memory of the iPad and will help you start afresh on a clean slate.

Despite all the steps, if the iPad is still freezing or if any of the issues persist, then it is ideal to opt for iPad Repair from a reputed company. For any such iPad Repair services in Dubai, you may contact us at +971-54-4653108 or email us @ raj@technoedge.ae or visit us at www.ipadrentaldubai.com.

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