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Secrets, Shortcuts and Scandals; these are always fun to unveil, especially when there is a targeted set of audience who are out there with their ears/eyes wide open.

There is always a chance of improvisation in everything we do; the key is to put our mind to it. When we are keen on something, we often stumble upon many things that others might be unaware of. They could be shortcuts or simple tricks, but these hold immense potential to users who wish to keep everything at the end of their fingertips.

Here are few of such tricks/shortcuts that might spruce up your skills.
Tap to reach the Top

Many a time you might have scrolled all the way down to the bottom of a very large document and now you want to reach back to the top. iPad definitely is a touch screen product, so all you have to slide the finger, but that also requires some work, don’t you agree? However, there is a small trick to reach to the top in a fraction of a second. All you have to do is to tap on the top menu where you find the wi-fi symbol on the left and the battery symbol on the right, and you will be back to the top of the document in no time. The ideal place to tap is the centre of the top menu bar where you see the time displayed.

Seek out with Spotlight Search

We know how difficult it is to search for an app especially if you have ample lot of apps downloaded on your iPad. However, there is a shortcut to access the ones you are looking for right away. All you have to do is swipe down on the home screen which will immediately open up the spotlight search for you, where you can search for apps, music or even search on the web. Here’s a small tip for those who do not know what a home screen is, it is the screen that has the apps on it.

Cruise up for hidden Control Panel

An iPad is full of hidden surprises. You swipe along the edges and you will find something peeping from the sides/edges. You swipe down the top edge, a notifications bar will scroll down, you swipe up from the bottom edge, and you are bound to find the control panel showing up. You can take the lead from here and manage the stuff like increasing or decreasing the brightness levels. You can even reach the camera in a single step without having to search for it in the wilderness of apps.

Have the iPad read the Highlighted Text

iPads can turn your regular e-book into an audio book selectively, with this feature. All you have to do certain settings and you are good to have the iPad read out the selected text for you.
First off, you have to go to iPad Settings->General Settings->Accessibility->Speech
Also remember to turn on the ‘speak selection’ option, which will add the ‘speak’ option when you select the text.

Pinch in to Pull back to Home Screen

Here’s another useful gimmick that might ease up things for you. You must have to keep on pressing the Home Button in order to pull out of the app; however, there is another easy way out for this. All you have to do is place all your fingers on the screen and pull them together and you are out of the app to the home screen.

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