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Technology is evolving to make our lives simpler every day. It might seem difficult in your busy routine to organize everything with ease. Here are some iPad features designed to make your life a little easier.


To be organized you need to complete your task on time, and your iPad can remind you of that. The reminder is just another ordinary app which can save you a lot of time. Once you set a reminder, iPad will pop up the message on the specific time and day. You can open the app to see the list of undone tasks. You can even set a reminder with the help of Siri by a voice command.


The iPad calendar is more than just dates and days. It is an amazing tool that can make your life simpler and more organized. The iPad can mark events on your calendar from your emails and messages. You can also mark events, appointments, classes, parties, etc. on the calendar.


Now manage your finances like a boss. With Mint, you can manage your finances by putting in your bank account details, credit card information, bills, etc. The information is accessible through the mint app and website. You can handle all your bills and savings from anywhere with your iPad.


Now you can give your old photos a new life with the scanning feature of iPad. You do not need to buy a scanner. All you will need is an app that can scan images. Other than just digitalizing your image, you can also edit them to add contrast or brightness to give them a new look.


Now organize your pictures in the cloud library. The iCloud photo library synchronizes your images with your Apple devices and backs up all your photos on the cloud. Even if you do not have your device you can access the photos from the icloud.com website. The cloud library also has the sharing feature which allows you to share your photos with your friends and family. You can even create a public page on iCloud.


Siri is the closest thing to Jarvis you can get on your Apple device. Siri is an amazing personal assistant who can take care of a lot of things just by a voice command. Siri can launch the app on a command, set reminders, search the web, create folders, find files, and much more. Siri is one of the best personal assistant applications available.

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