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Don’t panic if your iPad Pro screen breaks, just follow your instructions and you will have the iPad Pro repaired in just a matter of time…

It seems like a beginning of the never ending evening after your iPad fell down and you broke the screen.

Bam! Came the noise and you lift your head to see what happened. You needn’t open your eyes to find out what went wrong. Now you sit down to work on the iPad Pro to fix it somehow…

The sleekest, slimmest and the lightest yet Apple iPad Pro is for sure under the magnifying glass for various reasons. Now, apparently, many users have come up with their feedback that the iPad has a fragile screen and is easily broken and Apple is charging an outrageous sum for its repair.

However, here are the DIY steps for the iPad Pro 12.9 repair for a cracked screen.
  1. First and foremost heat the iPad for 10 minutes in the front and the rear at 65 degrees Centigrade.
  2.  Once heated, use the iSclack, the tool used to repair the iPads to begin at one corner to lift the display screen. Gently lift the screen by inserting some kind of prying tool under the screen to loosen up the adhesive.
  3.  Once the screen has come open, gently hold the screen slightly perpendicular to the iPad. In case the screen is badly damaged, put some kind of padding material between the iPad and the screen to avoid the battery damage.
  4. Remove the Phillip head screws holding the LCD screen connector. Disconnect the digitizer and the LCD screen connectors.
  5. Next, disconnect the upper left FPC on the control board located on the backside of the LCD assembly. Next, disconnect the right LCD FPC.
  6.  Heat the front side of the display screen with hot air, this will help in loosening up the adhesive that holds the control board. Next remove the control board gently by using the iFlex, however, be careful not to tear the home button cable attached to the control board.
  7. Now, the control board is out along with the FPCs.
  8.  Next, remove the control board completely by de-soldering it.
  9. Clean the solder and remove the flux.
  10.  Now it is the turn to fix the new display screen. Adjust the control board onto the new display screen. Re-solder the connections between the control board and display screen.
  11. Reconnect the LCD and the digitizer flexes on the new display.
  12. Reconnect the display screen to the logic board to check if it is functioning properly.
  13.  Using non-cyanoacrylate glue, fix the control board to the display screen.
  14.  Next, take off the glue on the LCD/Digi-Flex and home button Flex cables.
  15.  Instead, make use of the Kapton tapes along the bottom edge of the display assembly.
  16.  Next, place the home button in its slot and apply non-cyanoacrylate glue on either side of the home button.
  17. Place the home button exactly in the slot just above the home button cable is.
  18.  Clamp the home button on either side for a good bonding. Place some heavy object on top of the home button to ensure that it sticks in place.
  19.  Apply new adhesive like super sweet 2mm Tesa black tape for example and remove the back cover to expose the glue.
  20.  Reconnect the LCD/digitizer and the home button cables to the logic board.
  21. Ensure that the screws are in place and the camera is intact.
  22.  Now, carefully, lay the screen in place and see it is properly alignment.

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