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With great tech comes great responsibility. Just like any high-end gadget, an iPad requires being taken care of for its smooth and flawless performance. It requires getting rid of unnecessary files, optimizing the battery, cleaning the screen etc. It may sound like a lot but honestly, it’s pretty simple and one should make it a regular habit.
But in case you haven’t started yet…Here are some tips and tricks to give your iPad a longer life.

Clean the screen

Your iPad screen can collect a lot of fingerprints and dust. It’s more than what meets the eye. Under low indoor lights the screen may appear clean but under sunlight outdoors it may create quite a glare. But indoor or outdoor, your iPad is sure to collect dust on it.

It’s best to avoid window cleaner for your iPad screen especially those that contain ammonia.
The best way is to use lint free starch resistant cloth to clean the screen. Dampen the cloth with water and run it across the screen in even strokes in one direction.
Learn to reboot your iPad

The best way to clean the iPad at a software level is to reboot it. Anytime you feel your iPad is running slow, unexpected problems showing up, or some app is refusing to get updated, etc. it is a good idea to reboot the iPad.

Keep it updated

Always keep the iOS at its latest version. When a new version of iOS is released, the iPad will send you notifications. When you get the notification, just go through the steps and get your operating system updated. Updating iOS gives you the latest security updates as well as fixes various bugs found in the operating systems. It makes your iPad run smoother.

Buy a case for your iPad

Accidents keep happening all the time regardless of our carefulness. And even a simple drop can mess up your iPad physically. It is the safest option to cover your iPad in a case. In this way, the iPad is better protected when you are on an outdoor adventure or when in your children’s hand.

Have more battery power with optimized settings

Optimize your settings to have more battery power. There are many ways to optimize your iPad to get more battery life. You can put it on power saver mode. You can reduce the brightness. You can turn off the data usage when not required. It is also suggested to drain the full power of the battery once a month and charge it back to full for a longer battery life.

Create backup

Use iCloud to perform regular back of your iPad. These backups are done when you are charging so they will not get in your way. These backups can be used to restore your data if you ever run into a problem.

Save space in your iPad

Remove those unnecessary apps from your iPad. Delete the pictures that have piled up in your gallery from various social media apps. A tightened internal memory can reduce the performance of your iPad. You can also use various apps available for iPad to get rid of junk files and unnecessary data.
These were a few tips and tricks to give your iPad a longer life.

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