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Times are changing. What was considered to be a taboo in the past is being considered a possibility of late. We are talking about nothing but the leasing versus buying an iPad or a tablet. Leasing an iPad actually gives you the best of both worlds-experiencing a premium product without the need to shelling out much money.

Identify the need….

Identifying the right solution, be it leasing or renting should be made before taking the decision. The key question that needs to be asked is whether the requirement is for short-term? If yes, then the direct answer would be leasing and there are no two ways about it. If the requirement is a business one, then there are many aspects as to why you need to rent a iPad. If there is an event happening at your workplace. This is the time when you are set out to project your image where your clients are concerned. Instead of covering the event with the commonly used laptops, give your clients the taste of the joy of using the technology offering them an iPad experience.  This is another ideal situation for renting an iPad.

Experience the latest technology…

If you are a technology freak and you are game for having the experience of every product that comes into the market or rather every version of a particular brand, like an iPad, then iPad rental is the ideal choice. For example, there are some six versions of iPads released since the Apple iPad was first launched in 2010. With the latest version coming up every year on an average, it is difficult to keep yourself from indulging in the latest Apple product with its winning features. Apple iPad, iPad2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 1, 2,3,4 and with the next generation iPad Pro released in March 2016, doesn’t it make sense to rent an iPad and have an out and out experience of the product?

Which is the latest Apple iPad that you could rent….

While all the Apple iPads have been the game changer in its own time, what’s penultimate record-breaker surpassing its own set standards is the Apple iPad Pro. It is available in two sizes, 12.9 in and 9.7 in. The most exciting feature in iPad Pro is the smart keyboard that comes with the iPad that doubles up as a cover too. The super thin keyboard is soft and easy to use all you have to do is connect it with the smart connector to the iPad and get the ball rolling. The most appealing touch id technology has made its way to the Apple iPad Pro, which was missed out in the iPad Air. With all your favorite features packed in the new Apple iPad Pro, who doesn’t want to get a bit of it for them.

Why Renting an Apple iPad or a Tablet in Dubai…

Dubai is a land where dreams come true for many. As a part of saving money or to put it more clearly to avoid unnecessary wastage of money, opting for iPad Rentals is the right decision. The rental value is infinitesimal when compared to the original value of the expensive products like Apple iPads. Moreover, the iPads are amply available on rent in Dubai, leaving buying as an option for those who want to settle down with one of the affordable versions, not the best one.

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