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Affordable answer to your temporary iPad rental requirements in Dubai

Among the many other businesses, iPad rental service is also a flourishing pursuit these days. In the race of providing distinguished services encircling the sphere of iPad rental Dubai is also evolving as a leader in the market. The concept of coming up with such a consumer device that could a bridge the gap between the laptop computers and the smart phones gave birth to the iPad.

The first iPad was launched in January 2010 by Apple Inc. and became available to the users three months after. Six versions of it have been released since then, every version with some new and exciting feature like multi-touch screen, virtual keyboard, built in wi-fi and internet connectivity in some selected models. Latest iPad model is iPad Pro which has a screen size of 9.7 inch and is released in March 2016. The extraordinary features of iPad leads to hike in its price due to which everyone dream to have one but cannot afford it, hence comes the need of something that can fulfill the desires at a lesser price, which paved a way for the iPad rental services all across the world.

What to expect from the iPad rental services in Dubai?

Seeing the craze for iPad among the people, there are many companies that are providing such service all around UAE and Dubai. Depending upon the purpose and time, one can choose from different models of the iPad. Not just that, some companies have even designed a unique strategy to extend this service by installing iPad rental vending machines at a number of hotels and malls. There are many devices that are kept in the vending machine and it is very user friendly since customers can follow the instructions given stepwise and get their favorite device for as much long as they want after paying the rent. Rent is as low as Dh20 per hour but depends upon the model chosen and on the duration for what it is being rented.

Payments are accepted by credit cards, debit cards or cash. Once you rent a device for yourself you can enjoy every moment with it without worrying about any other thing as you are provided all the technical assistance in case you are a first time user or otherwise.

Who can enjoy the iPad rental services?

ALL – is the one word answer for this question. Whether you need to have an iPad for a business purpose, or you need to cater your entertainment needs, you just have to reach to one of the stores close to your location and you can have the device for the rented period. People sometimes want to hire such device just for watching movies and playing games, hence can have one without going through the hassles of owning it. Apart from that people that keep on travelling for business purposes also gain as this service effortlessly integrate business videos, collate data and track the target audience at competitive prices. Since Dubai is one of the most popular tourist places in the world, tourists instead of carrying their own devices tend to rent iPad during their stay. Therefore, iPad rental service takes care of almost all the categories that too without digging deep in the customers’ pockets.

If you are looking for standard iPads on rental basis, reach us at +971-54-4653108.

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