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The iPad series from Apple Inc have always enticed itself as a unique device in the market, which has become the most preferred device by umpteen numbers of users across the landscape as it brings with it certain unique features. On the contrary, however, if there is a possible presumption of a bottleneck in iPads it would be a wise decision to have it resolved with an authorized service center for the quickest resolution for the same.

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Techno Edge Systems L.L.C. have always been preferred in the market as we are the Apple Certified Service provider and we have been constantly preferred in the market for the authentic and systematic iPad repair services to the entire iPad series, we have a panel of expert professionals who are all Apple Certified Technicians (ACTs), who persistently provide fast and reliable iPad repairs in Dubai, UAE.

As per the service policy, we generally offer a 6 months guarantee on the post repair of iPad series to our esteemed customers.

Techno Edge Systems take on the iPad screens

iPads have become the recent buzz in the market since it accommodates itself with an impeccable screens, however if there is a possible bottleneck towards the iPad screens such as the broken screens, scratch on the LCD, smashed display and the water ingress. These problems can be sorted out immediately and the device is handed over to the customers within hours.

However, if there is an accidental damage it would be brought to the repair center for a resolution and ensure that the problem would be resolved in two to three days’ time.

Techno Edge System’s take on inherent battery problems

iPads have been known to long with the minimal battery charge and this has been the ardent choice and preference by many users who use the iPads for the product presentation in a trade conference. Techno Edge Systems have been particularly preferred for certain battery problems such as the battery which are not charging and issues such as the burnt batteries are dealt with utmost care.

Our expert panel’s take on the malfunctions due to malware and virus attack

Our expert panel has always diagnosed certain software faults like the malfunctions of certain malware & the virus attack. Our engineers have been quite successful in restoring certain major malfunctions of the malware symptoms.

Miscellaneous issues

There are certain miscellaneous malfunctions such as the loudspeakers, ear piece, microphone are resolved at the quickest time and given back to the customer. In the due course, the damaged buttons are resolved so that there no chances for any further a malfunction which keeps cropping up in the device.

The replacement of malfunctioned components

Techno Edge Systems L.L.C. has been known in the market to possess the genuine spare parts for iPad series, which are mostly OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). In general, OEM brings about the required warranty periods of the spare parts and the customers can avail the required claims for the damaged spare part within the warranty periods.

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Branded Ipads & Macbooks Rental, Repair, Hire & Lease Service Dubai

Indulge your business and success in to the digital world renting iPads in Dubai, UAE with us. We don't just rent iPads but also understand how paramount your success is. Hence we provide you a complete span of rental and support services that will leave you satisfied to the core. With an experience worth the try and a team of experts passionate towards their work, we certainly surpass your expectation in every step of our service.

With varied renting options and a pool of latest products, you will undeniably find everything that you need. We consider all our clients equally irrespective of the amount of order. So be it for a massive requirement or for a smaller one, you would have a lot of advantages once you choose us to rent iPads in Dubai. Clients looking for the latest iPad Air 2 with 4G have much to explore with us as we also offer enticing iPad Air 2 with 4G SIM cards along with data packages. All this you can have at attractive rentals.

In addition we follow competitive pricing paving your way to have the best service at the least price. Try us and experience our supreme service.

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Why Choose us:
  • With an exceptional service to our clients, we transcend your needs to reality. We ensure that your journey with us is as smooth as it could be. All you have to do is to tie up with us and you will experience our supreme service constantly.
  • We believe in making it big. Hence be it for a small requirement or for a bulk order, we would never let you compromise on the stock. You will get more than what you need.
  • Diverse options that will never end is what we have for you. Spanning from the oldest version to the latest ones, you will just find anything and everything with us.
  • Effortless and prompt support is what we endow you with. Once you choose to deal with us, we take care of everything, right from the installation till the end of the rental program.
  • We tailor our rental service as per your requirement. Long term or short term, you can deal with us at your convenience.
  • We are the master of the game in the market. We understand and mould our services according to our client's needs. Hence,while we provide you with the latest iPad Air 2 with 4G, we make sure to provide the SIM card with attractive data packages from our side. Once you place the SIM card in our iPads, you can surf and work on internet at the fastest speed effortlessly.
  • Clients, who already have an intact IT infrastructure in place, can go with our Annual Maintenance contracts that will ensure your robust operation 24x7, 365 days a year. Our team of skilled technicians will check and repair your ambience for an uninterrupted computing and networking experience at costs much low than your imagination.
App customization on iPad Rentals, Dubai

Renting an iPad is no use if it does not meet your unique requirements. For all your specific needs, Techno Edge Systems L.L.C is offering special app customization services on iPad rentals . Our innovative in-house app development team has all the skills to craft applications that will cater you exactly what you need.

Be it for a survey, registration or subscription process, showcasing results, data, financials, displaying of twitter feed, or any other requirement, we will install custom made application in your device in no time. Our support team will always be available for any issues or concerns.


Our Products

Ipad Mini Rental Dubai


Our iPads protracts ahead of being just latest. Our experts format it well and make sure that all of them are at the best of their performance. Better on screen control option, joystick, screen stick, varied storage space, speckled brands, light weight, and sleek shapes are the best features to name a few. We think big and operate big. Hence there is no chance of us running out of stalk. You name it and you get it.

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Ipad Kiosk Rental Dubai

iPad kiosk and Stands

Come.. get indulged in a pool of enclosures for iPads for your event, conference meeting or business. The latest multi touch interface with the superior enclosure gives you an edge over security and complete perfect access.
Ease out your working on the iPads with stands for every model and version of your device. Spanning from floor mount to table top, we have got the standard iPad stands for you. Use them till your requirement with attractive iPad stand rental services in Dubai. We are open for a single to bulk order from our clients.

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Ipad Air Rental Dubai

iPad Air

Convenience to the core is what we believe in. Specially designed for people who are always on the go, our iPad Air is the smartest solution for your need.

We tailor the specification as per your ask. Playing games, surfing, making presentations, projects, and every other thing can get amazingly easier with iPad Air in your hands. We have bulk iPads of superior quality available for you all the time.

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In addition to iPad rentals in Dubai, we also provide a wide range of rental and leasing program for your desired products ranging from Desktop, Laptop, Mac book, notebook, computer, printer, copiers, projector, servers, and you name it, all at a very competitive price. With such diverse product range, we provide you with an exceptional IT and support service. Our customer service is available for you 24/7. Hence you would certainly get the best at the least price possible. So choose us and get into the smart way of running your business.

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