iPad Hire Dubai revolutionizes itself as a digital entity for Retailers

In the recent years, there has been a digital revolution being brought by iPads to the retailers in specific, as these iPads were instrumental in enabling the inventories, sales funnel through successful CRM (customer relationship management) sales funnel, entire cash transactions through the online payments to name a few.

iPad hire Dubai has become the need of the hour and as a massive transition companies across the landscape have successfully deployed the Apple devices, leaving behind the traditional cash registers to perform a particular transaction.

iPads take on the small and medium scale enterprises (SME’s):

ipad hire dubai

  •  In the other instance, customers who come under the small and medium scale enterprises (SME’s) are also earnestly attempting to deploy some of the Apple apps which could meticulously track the productivity of the employee.
  •  These apps are quite successful in deriving the productivity, which significantly adds up to the sales funnel and the revenue model.

iPad apps significantly leveraging itself towards the inventory:

  •  iPads have recently been able to dwell out the capabilities to leverage the best of out of the iPad in the form of apps which has brought about a new dimension towards the inventory.
  •  These apps help the retailer to know the exact stock of the products in his warehouse; thereby they are quite successful with reference to delivering the product to the customer’s depending upon their availability in the warehouse.

iPad’s been able to capitalize the best of the employee’s enticing behavior on the customers through CRM:

  •  The customer relationship management (CRM), has been a scrupulous model in the recent past, numerous retailers are able to bring about the customer insight, preference and specific customization in their request for a particular preference.
  •  These inherent options by the customer have been taken into account through CRM which comes as an app which gets its way onto the iPad.

Anecdote: In fact, iPads which have implemented the CRM app have been quite successful in terms of constantly fulfilling the expectations of the customers and have introduced many new schemes to entice the customer’s in the long run.

iPads have turned the e-commerce way as a new modus operandi for retailers:

ipad hire dubai

  •  iPads have, in fact turned up as a smart device for the incorporation of the e-commerce feature which could complete the payment transactions of the customers through the online transactions such as PayTM and many more.
  •   This brings about the convenience of the digital payments through the iPad devices.

Techno Edge Systems are constantly holding its mantle towards bringing about more advanced iPads which could add value addition to the numerous customers towards their objectives of having seamless operational capabilities. In the due course, we have shared the success stories of our clients with reference to enabling them as a complete digital empowered company.

In the event that you are looking for iPad hire in Dubai, please approach us at Techno Edge Systems L.L.C and call us at +971-55-5279076, so that our technical team would assist you with the finest iPad to accomplish your inherent objectives.

iPad Rental backed with powerful iOS to enable itself as a robust gadget

In today’s gadget world, the iPad rental has persistently taken the center-stage for most of the users who prefer these devices for that that it accommodates within it the iOS (the mobile operating system). The iOS has been the operating system which powers the entire series of iPads and has been considered as one of the most popular operating systems which suit the complete scalability of today’s specific demands of the users for their specific accomplishments.

There has been a prolific fascination for the users for the Android series and towards this endeavor; the iOS has been the specifically maneuvered for the entire range of android series. The incorporation of iPad with its powerful iOS has been debated across by many users and entrepreneurs across.

Some of the vital areas that these iPads with its backing iOS are mentioned below:

iPad Rental

iOS has been the governing factor for the iPads to bring about the privacy privileges:

Since the time the iOS have emerged into the market segment, it has brought about the meticulous interface which enables the iPad series to bring about the seamless privacy and security. In general, these attributes in iPad have in fact made the ample users to persistently prefer the iPad series more than any other gadget.

The multitasking capabilities make the iPad the most viable choice for the users:

The new generation iOS 11 has brought the built-in capabilities of multitasking capabilities in iPad series. These multitasking incorporates the seamless functionalities for the users to completely explore the pleasure of handling multiple files, the drag and drop features and the smart way of connecting to the wi-fi with ease.

The iPads bring about the scrupulous operational facility towards the tap, swipe, and scrolling:

The inherent capability of iOS in the iPads has always been designed for multiple users to have multi-touch interactions. These immaculate features of multi-touch interaction, has been the most preferred feature to bring about the success of iPad as a gadget to convey the finer details of the product to the end customers in a more interactive way.

The scrupulous amalgamation of hardware and software to make a difference:

In the recent past, iPads have completely metamorphosed the world bringing about the most advanced features of touch ID and face ID which in turn brings about the innovative way to provide authentication. This has been made possible because of synchronization of both the hardware and software in one gadget.

iPads have been the most handy tool for entrepreneurs specifically towards the product campaigns:

The iPads have been the trendy devices which have been found to weigh less and can be easily ferried across to the trade events to conduct a product campaign with ease. Further elaborating, it can be connected to the LCD projector to run the product presentation videos to entice the audience and completely influence them towards the purchase decisions.

Techno Edge Systems, LLC has been persistently capitalizing towards bringing the new variants of iPads with advanced app features in it so that it could really be an exemplary device to bring success to the entrepreneurs and the users across.

In the event that you are looking for iPad rentals, please approach us for the same and call us at +971-55-5279076 or email us at [email protected] .

The 10.5 inch variant comes as a iPad leasing

iPads have been the versatile gadget which is used by the umpteen numbers of users across the landscape and in the recent trend, these smaller iPad Pro have brought in the market with its stretched 10.5 inch variant which is complimented by the smaller bezels. In fact, these smaller bezels have significantly contributed to 20% more area.ipad lease

The most noticeable feature at the first look is that these iPads look larger and the image quality as a display seems to be with complete clarity and also crispier. The users using the iPad have always have pleasure using this gadget as it gives superior scrolling facility in it and added to that the animation display of these iPads are worth mentioning about.

The 10.5 inch iPad Pro has been specifically chosen by many writers in specific:

As a general analogy, these 10.5 inch iPad has been the extremely admired device for umpteen numbers of writers who use them to publish their articles over the public domain. Since the gadget comes with a big screen, with an elaborate keyboard arrangement and the seamless network connectivity in it.

Further to this, these iPads could also enable these writers to plug with an external keyboard either through the USB mode or connecting through wireless. This way you could really unleash the actual potentials of the iPad in real sense.

These 10.5 inch iPad Pro comes with significant storage space:

One of the proven facts is that, these iPad do come with a significant storage space within them, these has been the vital parameters for a  writer in specific to take the pleasure of his writing and saving his documents in bulk.

Apart from that these, writers can also save their significant data onto the cloud for future retrievals.

The network connectivity in iPads:

The network connectivity has always made these iPads the meticulous device to be connected where ever you ferry it around. Nevertheless, there have been the hot-spot points across the landscapes, where the writers could sit and draft their writing and seamlessly publish their articles constantly.

Techno Edge System’s take on the 10.5 inches iPad Pro:

Techno Edge Systems have in fact capitalized the features of these latest variant in their digital store and have always stocked-in ample variants of 10.5 inches iPads for lease and have ensured to see that these are adequate in numbers for more deliverable by the customers in the long run.

Customization’s for the 10.5 inches iPad Pro:

We have been persistently working on certain specific mandates of the customers with reference to specific customizations to the iPad Pro. Our team has been pro-actively working on the customizations and delivers the customers the exact match of iPad Pro for them on a leasing basis for a prolonged time period of use so that it would be able to accomplish their objectives.

The rental tenure from Techno Edge System’s:

In general, the rental tenure of our products lasts for a prolonged time periods and we generally encourage for more prolonged usage of our range of iPads.

In the event that you are looking out these iPad Pro, please approach Techno Edge Systems, LLC or call us at +971-55-5279076.

Rent a iPad Air 2 32GB – A versatile gadget for computations

As a recent trend development in the market, the iPad that is released from Apple Inc incorporates the 32 GB space with 4G connection and has been a versatile device for the fast data networks. This would mean that, with this built-in configuration you could seamlessly download videos, music and actively work on your emails at the quickest time possible.

These iPad do come with a splendid retina display and could readily incorporate the 5 MP iSight camera which combines the 3.1 million pixels in it.

Techno Edge’s take on the latest iPad variant the Apple iPad Air 2 32 GB (Wi-fi + 4G).

Techno Edge Systems, LLC have been able to bring about new variation in the market and have been able to rent an ipad. Further these iPads would bring about the best of features with it all the time.

rent a ipad

We have the latest variant of iPads with the following technical specifications embedded in it:

  • 32 GB Hard disk space
  • 7 inch retina display with multi-touch
  • Built in Wi-fi & 4G
  • 5 MP I Sight front & rear cameras for photo & video
  • Bluetooth
  • Dual core A 5x chip with quad core graphics
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • iOS 5 and iCloud

Apart from this above mentioned model, we at Techno Edge constantly keep adding many more such version as a part of rental.

Customization’s in iPads:

In the event that any customer wants to have further more customization with reference to the rent. Our team is always on a forefront in rendering the most customization iPad variant to the customer for his accomplishment.

The new variant Apple iPad Air 2 32 GB (Wi-fi + 4G) has been the successful model in the market today as it is a versatile device to bring you the best leverage for the following events:

  • Product presentation
  • Product campaigns
  • Technical Conferences
  • Trade Shows

Since this range of iPads weighs less, it can be carried in a small bag with much more ease and comfort.

Network Connectivity:

Since Apple iPad Air 2 32 GB (Wi-fi + 4G) incorporates the high configuration network compatibility, it brings about the seamless network connectivity with ease as the device can be plugged with the Local Area Network (LAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and the data packets.

The new variant with the requisite technical support:

Techno Edge Systems have been known for the technical support service specifically on the rented iPads which are being rented out to the customers. Our technical support services have been a testimony by many corporate customers who receive the technical support for the rented iPads.

In the event that you are looking forward for a rent a iPad please approach us for the same as we can provide you with the finest iPad which could fulfill your accomplishment goal. Please approach Techno Edge Systems, LLC or call us at +971-55-5279076 .

iPad Air Rental variant proves to be the versatile device for writers

In the recent years, iPad Air rental has become the most chosen and the preferred model for the umpteen writers who predominantly look for iPad Air variant for their typing endeavors, since iPad air incorporates the iPad air keyboard which persistently enhances the finest typing capability in the device.


As far as the portability of iPad Air is concerned, iPads can be easily plugged to the range of wireless blue tooth keywords and other wired keyboards with ease and are generally manufactured to show the great impetus on the portability in them, to connect to seamless network connectivity feature in them.

They typically consist of iOS-specific-function keys for volume adjustment, brightness control, media playback control, home screen shortcut, iOS’s spotlight-search screen control and many more.

ipad air rental

The following are certain parameters which make iPad Air the most preferred model for writers:

  • Retina Display:

The screen on the iPad Air makes it possible to work for hours without eyestrain.

  • LTE (Long-Term Evolution):

Long-term Evolution is a term which is referred for the standardization of the device’s high speed wireless connectivity. iPad Air has been the model which has an integrated feature for LTE and has been the versatile device in having the best compatibility.

  • Ipad Air is accommodated as a great device for ferrying:

iPad Air has been the model which is known for the sleek capabilities, which means it can easily get accommodated onto the smallest bag so that it can be easily ferried from one place to the other.

  • Big screens:

The most profound feature of an iPad Air has always been towards the screen size, as they come with a wider screen which is a distinct feature as compared to laptops and other devices.

Techno Edge System’s take on the iPad Air Rental:

We at Techno Edge Systems have exclusively worked on the iPad Air and has been persistently stocking-in the latest variant of iPad Air Rental at our digital store so that the umpteen numbers of customers can benefit from the same.

We constantly customize the iPads with reference to the specific preferences of the writers and rent out to them.

Technical Support for iPad Air for rental users:

Techno Edge Systems have always and persistently known for the technical support that it offers for the entire range of iPad air models which are specifically given for the users on the rental model. Our engineers in-house have been constantly rendering their technical support and resolving the technical glitch if any in the iPad Air at the quickest turnaround time (TAT).

In the event that you are an ardent writer and you are keen to have the iPad Air model to publish some important articles over the internet, please bank on us for the same as we offer the customized version of iPad exclusively for writers. Please approach Techno Edge Systems, LLC and call us at +971-55-5279076 so that our service team could graciously assist you for the same, more comprehensive information please visit our official website.

Rent iPads for events becomes the preferred device for most entrepreneurs

It has often been an ardent practice by most entrepreneurs to bring their laptops to the events since they are very convenient for device to carry with them, however, in the recent years, even the iPads are relentlessly preferred on par with the laptops as they are always a ready device to be ferried by the entrepreneurs. Rent iPads for events have become the most pivotal device in this endeavor.

ipad rental

Portability and the weight less feature:

The iPads are versatile devices for most entrepreneurs as they weigh less and are easily accommodated as a packing material as these Ipads can get easily slipped into a small bag and literally ferried across the trade show event.

iPads have always been the seamless device which brings about the excellent incorporation and integrated solutions at an event as these iPads could be easily be plugged into the local area network (LAN) which has been specifically laid out at the trade show so that the exhibitor has an edge on the network connectivity.

Ipads have best always been the vibrant devices to connect to the project for a wonderful product presentation.

For an entrepreneur, iPads have literally been the preferred devices as it could connect to the majority of the projectors with varied brands and have the product broadcast done to the large audiences.

In this endeavor, Techno Edge Systems have been persistently on their threshold with reference to the frequent updating that happens in the iPad world and have been striving their level possible to include those advanced iPads on a rental module to the entrepreneurs so that it creates a value addition for their product display.

The duration of the iPad given on lease:

Entrepreneurs have always preferred Techno Edge Systems has a complete solution provider for iPads which are specifically given on long term lease, as these iPads have always made the event a grand success. In general, our iPad lease for an entrepreneur would be for a year or so.

Technical Support covered as a part of the rental scheme:

The most ardent reason that Rent Ipads for events defines success is because of the fact that we constantly provide the technical support to the customers during their presentation at the trade show. Our engineers, who are stationed on the premises, constantly ensure that there is no untoward incident happening, which could probably lead to the disruption during the presentation. As a matter of fact, our engineers are competent enough to resolve the technical glitch at the quickest turnaround time (TAT).

In the event that you if you are apparently looking out for ipads for rent which can be specifically used for the trade shows and the technical conferences, you can really bank on us for the same as we would be able to render our premium services. Please approach Techno Edge Systems and call us at +971-55-5279076. For more information on the rental details of iPads, please visit our official website at www.ipadrentaldubai.com for comprehensive information.

iPad Rental is the wisest choice for users keen on having advanced iPad

In the ever evolving digital innovations that are happening on the technology space; it has almost become a cumbersome process to afford some of these gadgets which emerge as a result of the digital innovations. Since majority of these gadgets does come with a huge price range and sometimes these gadgets do not often fulfill the expectation of the customer who wants to use it.

ipad rental

On the contrary, though these gadgets come with the advanced technological components incorporated within it does not actually serve the real purpose of the customers in the event they are looking out for some specific purposes.

So in these situations, the only alternative option in hand is to opt for the iPad Rental method of using the latest iPads for the given time period and leverage on their usage. Techno Edge Systems have been an experienced player in Dubai, UAE, to possess some of the advanced iPad series in their store which can be used in a rental module for a limited time period.

As a matter of fact, the concept of iPads on hire has become a boon for the umpteen numbers of students who would want to present their academic presentations through iPads.

Techno Edge Systems, LLC have always been on a threshold on having their latest iPads in the market with the updated configurations and the appropriate software’s loaded in them. We have always made sure that these iPads come to the user with his chosen specification, as required by the customer in reference to the actual business requisition.

Renting out the iPads to various industry segments:

  • Our range of iPads has been successfully rented out to academic institutions in large and has been exclusively used by the students for their academic projects which is completely done on the iPads.
  • iPads with specific configurations have been rented out to the entrepreneurs who are always keen on displaying their latest product information to the prospective customer thereby having their sales done on the spot.

Technical Support:

Techno Edge Systems have got its unique reputation in the market to exclusively offer the technical support for the iPads in specific. We take a pride in having the technical experts in-house who have decades of experience in handling various models of iPads. Our range of technical services has always helped the customer’s for their successful project presentation.

Our engineers are always equipped and also updated with the recent developments that are happening in the market with reference to the latest iPad release and their configuration and they are very flexible in terms of quickly adapting themselves to the new configuration which crops Dubai, UAE.

If there is a technical glitch in the iPads, we tend to resolve them the customer’s place or bring back the iPads to the service station and deliver the iPads back to the customer with the problem free gadget in less turnaround time (TAT).

If you are a student and if you are looking forward for an  iPad rental for your academic projects, or if you are an entrepreneur and you are keen in showcasing your product information through iPads do bank on us for the iPad needs. Please get in touch with us at Techno Edge Systems or call us at +971-55-5279076, so that our sales team would be in touch with you for the same.

How iPad Rentals have significantly transitioned the academic institutions

ipad rental

iPads have been considered as one of the most innovative and dynamic tool, which has literally transformed the digital landscape and all the possible credits goes to the way it turns out to be with the kind of flexibility it offers. In fact, this flexibility stands as a testimony by itself and that can be really attributed for the obvious reason for being so popular in the digital world.

  • iPads leveraging themselves to dynamically change the academic curriculum

iPads have brought about multiple uses ranging from school and college presentations, project works, dynamic assignments which invoke creativity in the students at an early age.

In fact, in today’s trend, the education system in schools have undergone a massive transition, students are very well, taking the best advantage of iPads, wherein they are able to use iPad to the class so that they could very well follow with the professor’s power point notes.

  • iPad rentals have been seamlessly synchronizing with the school projects

Ipads have been meticulously synchronizing with the school projects, through the iPads, the specific school projects have turned out to be dynamic with a wide range of scientific presentations, which has completely enhanced the performance in the student’s career graph.

Anecdote: In fact, they have brought in good innovative minds among the students.

  • Possible bottleneck with iPad towards possessing it

Needless to mention that in spite of iPads offering multiple uses for a  user in the general sense, there is one ardent factor which often makes these students to shirk off is that it comes with the obvious reason of being too expensive for a student to possess.

Techno Edge System’s unique reputation in the market to assist the academic institution towards the iPad rental options,

In fact, in today’s trend the renting option of iPads has really come as a blessing in disguise for many students who wish to explore the dynamic features of iPad. Techno Edge System has been offering some of its latest iPad’s for the students who wish to use them at a more affordable price.

Through the iPad rental option in hand, the students are able to completely change the educational pattern as they become very innovative with their subjects. The iPad on rent has become a meticulous tool for the students who wish to present a school project very quickly, dynamically.

We have an exhaustive range of iPads at our end, which specifically suits the students; so the students can pick up any advanced iPad model from our store. However, we also provide few iPads keeping in view the specific mandates of the students as a complete tailor made iPads.

In the event that you are planning to hand an iPad for your school and college semester in Dubai, and if you wish to have the optimum usage of an iPad, which could help you in your academic development, then please do not hesitate to contact Techno Edge Systems, LLC or call us at +971-4-2513636. Our service team would be very gracious to assist you in your endeavor.

How Rental iPads have proved to benefit entrepreneurs

ipad rental dubai

iPads has been amazing tool for an entrepreneur who are always on a threshold to showcase their product or services to the potential customer in a corporate event or a typical trade show.

In the event, if the business entrepreneur who is keen on showing his range of products and services through his website, iPads have always created a value-addition to displaying the products and services from the business websites as it seamlessly connects to the internet either through the mobile data or through the wi-fi connectivity.

As a matter of fact, iPads serve as a meticulous and instant solution for a business entrepreneur who is always keen in showing his products and services at the trade event, corporate events, conventions and ample trade shows.

Techno Edge Systems,LLC have always been capitalizing the iPads as a meticulous tool for all sorts of renting purpose, we are one of the premium service providers for rentals across in Dubai, UAE, the renting system can be made available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • These rental iPads could seamlessly incorporate within in all the necessary features to make it a complete ideal tool for an entrepreneur to completely take advantage of.
  • Before we rent out the iPads to the customer, we would ensure that all the possible customization such as the apps, documents, background are being amalgamated with appropriate user settings.

Techno Edge Systems have also been on a forefront, in rendering the best iPads for rentals at an affordable price.

Some of the scrupulous features which an entrepreneur could take advantage of from iPad Rentals.

  • Flexibility

iPads are the amazing and versatile gadget in hand, which enables the marketing and data collection functions easier, as it can an incredible tool to get mobile and with the plethora of accessories built-in it becomes as the best user experience.

  • Event Registration

iPads have been an amazing tool which could register the potential audiences, customers to enable them to register them when they are visiting an event, they in turn become the excellent tool to enable the painless registration easier.

  • Promotional Campaign Tool

iPads can be arranged in the form of a kiosk and further stationed at the event or trade show, transforms as a promotional marketing and indeed a vital to capture the attention of the prospective audience. The entrepreneurs could even showcase their business logo through the iPads. Since, it connects with the wi-fi instantly; it becomes a very handy tool to showcase the product info from the website very easily.

Techno Edge Systems with its rental module renders ample service benefits and incorporates the following:

  • Business videos
  • Documentations in regards to the products and a detailed presentation to the clients.
  • Organizing the data

Our customers can hand-pick any of the following iPad models for their use instantly:

  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air

If you are planning for an event or a trade show, or a conference and if you are confused as to how you would deliver a product presentation to your clients, be rest assured, we at Techno Edge Systems, LLC would be at your service any time and at any hour.

Please do not hesitate to call us at +971-55-5279076, and would really appreciate if you could go through our official website www.ipadrentaldubai.com. Our service team would be very courteous to assist you and also arrange the iPads for the purpose.

iPad Rental Helps Students Focus, Explore and More

ipad rental

iPads have carved a niche for themselves in the segment of computing. One cannot deny their importance in the life of the students. Portable to the core, ease of operation and the availability of abundant apps for a wide variety of use are a few factors that are making the idea of virtual learning a reality. The iPads can prove to be an effective mode of learning helping the students and the teachers providing an ocean of knowledge. However, students who are usually on a tight budget find buying an iPad quite an expensive affair. Here is where the concept of iPad rentals offers the advantage of having the iPads within the reach of high school and college going kids.

Every one of us at one point in time has been a student and had our irresponsible ways causing anxiety to our parents or guardians. Listed below are a few absolutely free apps that will help the students survive through their college/university education and making them a more responsible and organized human to the relief of the parents.

  1. Evernote: This app is available in the app store for free. Taking notes, organizing videos, audios, sketches, PDFs, and sharing with others who have the app, are the features possible on the app, making the group projects an easier job. Evernote Plus and Evernote Premium are the paid versions of the app.
  2. Pocket: This free app available in the App Store allows you to save the videos, stories, audios or links in the pocket for free. The best part is you can come back and access the links saved even offline. You can save the links from the sources like browsers, Facebook, twitter, Flipboard and Feedly into the Pocket app.
  3. VSCO: This free app from the App Store is for those who are totally into editing the photos and uploading them in the social media. The photo editing in VSCO will result in beautiful photos worth uploading in the social media.
  4. Flashcards +: This is one free app, which as the name suggests is quite helpful for the students to memorize the notes right before the exams.
  5. BigOven Pro: This free app is for those who want to try their culinary skills in a big way. Though students find it hard to take time for cooking, this hub of 350,000 recipes will inspire even those who like minimal cooking, also take up the art. It helps in impressing your friends and colleagues with your cooking abilities.
  6. Feedly: This free app is for those who want to binge on reading and collecting news. This is a cross-platform app and a hub for collecting and categorizing the news from various publications.

At Techno Edge Systems LLC, we provide bulk iPad rentals to single iPad for rent meant for students, business, and personal use. Visit our website www.ipadrentaldubai.com or contact us at +971 55 5279076 for more details on our offers, discounts, and other services.