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iPads have carved a niche for themselves in the segment of computing. One cannot deny their importance in the life of the students. Portable to the core, ease of operation and the availability of abundant apps for a wide variety of use are a few factors that are making the idea of virtual learning a reality. The iPads can prove to be an effective mode of learning helping the students and the teachers providing an ocean of knowledge. However, students who are usually on a tight budget find buying an iPad quite an expensive affair. Here is where the concept of iPad rentals offers the advantage of having the iPads within the reach of high school and college going kids.

Every one of us at one point in time has been a student and had our irresponsible ways causing anxiety to our parents or guardians. Listed below are a few absolutely free apps that will help the students survive through their college/university education and making them a more responsible and organized human to the relief of the parents.

  1. Evernote: This app is available in the app store for free. Taking notes, organizing videos, audios, sketches, PDFs, and sharing with others who have the app, are the features possible on the app, making the group projects an easier job. Evernote Plus and Evernote Premium are the paid versions of the app.
  2. Pocket: This free app available in the App Store allows you to save the videos, stories, audios or links in the pocket for free. The best part is you can come back and access the links saved even offline. You can save the links from the sources like browsers, Facebook, twitter, Flipboard and Feedly into the Pocket app.
  3. VSCO: This free app from the App Store is for those who are totally into editing the photos and uploading them in the social media. The photo editing in VSCO will result in beautiful photos worth uploading in the social media.
  4. Flashcards +: This is one free app, which as the name suggests is quite helpful for the students to memorize the notes right before the exams.
  5. BigOven Pro: This free app is for those who want to try their culinary skills in a big way. Though students find it hard to take time for cooking, this hub of 350,000 recipes will inspire even those who like minimal cooking, also take up the art. It helps in impressing your friends and colleagues with your cooking abilities.
  6. Feedly: This free app is for those who want to binge on reading and collecting news. This is a cross-platform app and a hub for collecting and categorizing the news from various publications.

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Get Your Hands on iPad Today Through iPad Rentals

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Looks like, not long from now we are going to see iPads in every nook and corner of the world. Apple is always on the uptake of making it big and this time Apple has projected one of its most successful products, the iPad, for a cause.  Apparently, the tech giant wants to see an iPad associated with each and every patient in the hospital. This would not only help the patients to connect with their loved one using FaceTime, it will mainly keep the doctors and the nurses on the same page where the treatment is concerned.  We say, no one would shy away from being a patient anymore if every hospital takes up on offering iPads to the patients during the course of their treatment.

It’s not uncommon for the doctors to use the iPads, however, what’s making headlines this time is that the manufacturer wants to see iPads in the hands of the patients. The doctors and the nurses are duly required to fill a paper trail as the means of communication between themselves for every patient. However, it seems that the doctors feel that mistakes can happen during the process, moreover, filling the information using hand-written note often leads to lack of room for completion and thereby leading to confusion and lack of information for the patients.

The new mothers in the hospitals are using the iPads to check up on their new born babies who are either sick or prematurely born and are kept away from the mothers for isolation. The mothers can have the virtual interaction with their babies during their “babytime”.

This brilliant idea of iPad-for-patient drive struck Apple especially when the Apple iPad sales were plummeting. However, the good news is that the iPad sales did pick up during the last quarter by 15% year-over-year. Though Apple has not been explicit about it, the analysts opine that the sales have upped due to the 9.7inch iPad which is touted to be the cheapest iPad yet.

On the other hand, iPad promotion campaign is rife in Europe where the iPad manufacturer is targeting the school going kids with their ‘Back To School’ drive by offering free Beats headphones with iPad Pro and select Mac products. The Beats product is apparently only for the students who have enrolled in the college, their parents or teachers; the verification for which is done during the checkout process.

Apple is not really known for its offers or discounts as its competitors, who offer better discounts on the Macs and iPads than the manufacturer. However, for deals and offers on iPad rentals in Dubai, you may approach Techno Edge Systems LLC at +971-55-5279076 or visit our website www.ipadrentaldubai.com for more information.

Making an iPad a good student companion with iPad Rental Dubai

When a new year of school begins, students get started with their new schooling session. All the focus would be on how to fare well in their exams. Here is where students may have to think of iPads and how they can be of a good use. iPads have gained popularity among the student community due to their capability of assisting students at study. If made wise of, they can be invaluable tools containing multiple textbooks, allowing students to perform multiple tasks. They can serve as a document carrier and a study aid too, while at the same time providing access to email and internet. If you want iPad Rental Dubai, you pick one from Techno Edge Systems, LLC.

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Act as digital textbooks

iPads can be very good digital textbooks and can be saving from maintaining a big heap of books students will have to refer most of the times. The digital textbooks do not weigh at all and can be carried wherever necessary. With an iPad alone, the necessary study can be made successfully.

Plus, Apple iPads’ iBook store has plenty of texts available for the students to carry to every class. With the iBooks 2 app, students can purchase the textbooks on iBook store.

Study apps

The iPad is an excellent tool helping you to revise what you have learned, through apps that quiz, refresh so that you remember the data required to be a good student. MathBoard and Dictionary.com are some of the useful apps needed to score well and outsmart other students. With Evernote app you can note down important notes from the classroom and refer whenever needed. In the big ocean of education apps available, Visual Thesaurus, the Oxford American Dictionary and National Geographic Kids are a few to mention.

A study break

Taking a break out of the daily routine is a must for the most engaging students. An iPad is the best hub of entertainment giving you utmost satisfaction watching your favorite shows. You can get an easy access to the most popular entertaining site YouTube.  You can play your favorite games with friends by selecting them from the app center through internet. In addition to it, an iPad has a lot more in store for you.

Once you are used to an iPad, it can turn out to be your best companion at study making you carry it everywhere you go.

If renting is what you would like to go for, Techno Edge Systems L.L.C in Dubai provide you with an iPad with flexible renting options.

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Get some amazing feature benefits with a rental iPad in Dubai

iPads are known for being smart at getting things done at a quick pace. Proven to be good devices for browsing data, gaming and reading e-books, iPads have some attractive features making them worth buying from the market. Not by purchasing an iPad alone, even through a rental iPad in Dubai your user experience can be worthwhile.

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Some gorgeous feature benefits of Apple iPads are:

Apple iPads are portable:

An Apple iPad weighs not much heavy and even the biggest size of it fits into a bag. So it can be carried wherever you like making it very portable in nature. It can serve the purpose wherever the need might arise. Be it sending emails, surfing the internet or carrying out work during your travel.

Apple iPad acts as a GPRS system:

The most interesting feature of an Apple iPad is that it works as a GPRS system during travel which laptops cannot meet. It tracks the nearest cellular network with the help of its in-built GPRS system.

Cheaper apps and games are available:

An Apple iPad has in store for you the most frequently used apps. But what might be amazing is apps that are to be purchased can be afforded at lesser prices. Compared to that of a laptop, the prices of the apps are almost less by half. In addition, games are available at cheaper prices on iPads.

Longer battery life:

In comparison with a laptop or a desktop, an iPad’s battery can last longer. With normal usage, the battery lasts up to 10 hours.

Technology simple to use:

Its easy-to-use interface can be very appealing to its buyers. Even for those who do not know technology much, it is an easy device to operate.

To stick to the best benefits of an iPad, you may go for a rental iPad as well. We at Techno Edge Systems L.L.C in Dubai have in store with us the models of iPad you wish for. We have unlimited stock with and so do not run out of stock. Our rental iPads in Dubai are set at competitive prices for you to afford.

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Get the best gaming experience with rental ipads

iPads are selling away like anything in the market today for their advanced features. Be it any purpose, adults and kids prefer using ipads and have been their ardent lovers since their inception. Interestingly, there is a new innovation in the game system for ipads called Osmo. Adults can derive ultimate gaming experience from iPads just like kids with Osmo.  But the high prices of these pads can be a costly affair for many and it may seem impossible to be the owner of an iPad. So you may miss the pleasure of the game as well as availing the advanced features of ipads. Do not think even for a while. We at Techno Edge Systems LLC can figure out your woes and so offer you rental ipads to help you have the best ipad experience. Take a wise decision by hiring our iPads which we offer in Bur Dubai, Dubai and U.A.E. We do not burn your pockets with high prices but provide the opportunity of hiring them at much affordable prices.

Here’s how the innovative game system Osmo works and gives you all the fun with our rental iPads

The iPads are accompanied with a starter’s kit, which contains a dock and a reflective mirror. To play the game, the ipad is placed on the dock but some add-on puzzles or blocks should be purchased. To attain the same effect, you can replace the blocks with any other objects but the dock is irreplaceable. The mirror attaches itself to the ipad camera and the Osmo app records everything in front of it.

Osmo monster is one of the games on iPads that you can interact with, using drawing pens. You can draw certain articles while the monster tells a story. This is suitable for young kids. For adults, you have Newton set based on Physics where a ball drops and you can control its projection by locating on paper the exact place you want the ball to land. One other game ‘Coding jam’ creates music and is one of the latest games introduced for adults. Children can seek fun with coding jam too but in a different way. So fun is made greater with games on ipads.

Ipad rental

Why should ipad rentals at Techno Edge Systems LLC be your best source of hiring?

Irrespective of where you are located in Bur Dubai, Dubai and U.A.E, we deliver the ipad rental within a few hours of your request. Our company will offer flexible rental terms varying from one day, one week or more than a month. As you require so you hire. Packages are flexible and so you can save money when you hire for a long term. Get good technical support from our service providers round the clock.

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10.5 inch iPad Pro Gets the New ProMotion Feature

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Each and every time Apple does it with a bang. While the iPad Pro more or less adopted its features from iPad Air, the former was marked to be an ultimate game-changer when it was brought into this world. The True Tone display, the smart keyboard that uses the smart connector to slowly transform into a laptop (not with Bluetooth) and many more features making the iPad a ‘pro’ literally, have most certainly upped the iPad standards by far. Not willing to compromise on the trend which has been set, the iPad 2017 was introduced conceding on a few levels, but the budget price had been the takeaway feature. Coming to the iPad Pro 10.5 inch tablet, the ProMotion feature takes it to the whole new level.  We at Techno Edge Systems, LLC offer right from the latest iPad Pro to the discontinued models, i.e. all models of iPad rental in Dubai based on your requirement.

While the 12.9 inch iPad Pro itself was a deviation from the regular 9.7-inch models, the 10.5 inch iPad Pro was touted to be the ideal size which doesn’t feel too big like the 12.9 inch and slightly bigger for those who feel the 9.7 inch is way too small. Though mathematically, it is just 0.8-inch difference, but by the looks of it, there seems to be a marked difference in size. What’s more, even the accessories of the 9.7-inch model do not fit into the 10.5-inch model. The game changer this time with the new iPad Pro is the ProMotion feature. It was noted with the 12.9 inch iPad Pro that when you scroll down the screen it leaves a ghosting effect, whereas, with the ProMotion 120 Hz refresh rate, you can simply scroll down with as much speed you choose without any effects whatsoever. Moreover, the text is actually legible despite scrolling down at high speed.

Technically, both the iPad Pro 9.7 inch tablet and the 10.5-inch models house the same software, A10X Fusion, a six-core processor, 10 hours of standard battery life, the same True Tone display of the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, which no other iPad has ever seen etc. The bottom-line is, the 10.5 inch iPad Pro is as powerful as the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, and then some, with the ProMotion feature and the bigger display.

On this note, we would like to inform that the 9.7 inch iPad Pro is no longer on the shelves for sale, however, available with us at Techno Edge Systems, LLC for iPad rental in Dubai. Contact us for more details at +971 55 5279076.

Why Choose Techno Edge Systems for iPad Rental in Dubai?

Comprehending the need of iPads in the diverse areas of business, government, school, and personal use, we at Techno Edge Systems LLC offer the whole range of Apple iPad rental in Dubai to meet every kind of requirement. We offer customized iPad rental plans for bulk rentals to single iPads based on your requirement. Not limited to that, we provide the iPads with all the necessary apps installed to suit your need.

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Why are iPads so popular?

The ease of use and the portability factor make the users switch to the iPads from any other computing devices like desktops or laptops. This brings us to the point why iPads are so popular in the world of computing. The very fact that the screen size is just optimum for holding surveys, displaying data, perfect for team building activities, and about the right size to stay connected to the social media sites, being lightweight only adds to the list of advantages. The 10 hours of long battery life is just ideal for traveling and to perform lengthy activities without the hassle of charging it every now and then.  Above all, it is the availability of the apps meant for every use that makes the iPad a number one choice across all the computers.

Why choose Techno Edge Systems LLC for iPad rental in Dubai?

  • We keep the iPad renting process as simple as possible
  • We keep a large inventory of iPads meant for bulk orders to cater to the need of business events, meetings etc, where iPads in large numbers are required.
  • We carry the latest line of Apple iPads to the discontinued models for the dedicated users of certain models, which might have been phased out by Apple, but will still be available with us for the sake of our customers.
  • We offer short –term to long-term iPad lease
  • We offer customized iPads based on your request like iPads with 4G internet connectivity speeds along with SIM cards with attractive data packages.
  • We offer customer support, service and maintenance and repair services for free during the lease period of the iPads.

Contact Techno Edge Systems LLC at +971 55 5279076 for a whole range of iPad rental in Dubai.

Six Good Reasons For iPad Hire in Dubai

Lightweight, portable, easy to use topped with ten hours of battery life; Apple iPads have become one of the best devices meant for business as well as personal use.  Ideal for traveling, pursuing art, meetings, events, presentations, taking surveys, the use of iPads strongly influences the outcomes due to its versatility. We at iPad Rental Dubai offer the entire line of Apple iPad rentals in Dubai for varied use. We undertake the bulk as well as single orders meant for business as well as personal use as we assure you that you wouldn’t draw a blank with our large inventory of iPads.

ipad rental dubai

Why rent an iPad?

They are plenty of reasons why you might have to opt for iPad rental.

  • When the project is short-term, to meet the economic goals, it makes sense to rent an iPad rather than buying it for short period of use.
  • iPads make an ideal device for presentations and might be required in larger number during events making renting iPads the best option.
  • They offer good support to desktops in the scenarios where you have a desktop at office and need to access certain files on it for meetings; iPad lease will make a viable option
  • iPads make a perfect travel companion, which will present you with the option to catch up on reading as well as playing games, not to mention the business use. Taking iPads on rent is a good way to make yourself useful during travel.
  • iPad can enable bringing your office to home with the apps that help you with editing and reviewing the word files and excel documents. For that extra support, you can choose to have an iPad on lease.
  • It’s ideal to stay in touch with social media updates, which has become more of a necessity to engage the clients in today’s world of competition.  While the larger companies have dedicated specialists to deal with social media, in small to mid-sized businesses, it is usually the marketing and the sales executives who take care of social media on the go. Taking iPads on rent gives the perfect opportunity to stay economical as well.

While the applications of the iPads are beyond limits, opting for iPad hire in Dubai is a smart way to meet the business requirements while having the budget under control.

For more details on iPad rental in Dubai, contact iPad Rental Dubai at +971 55 5279076.

iPad Lease: Are iPads to Become Stronger than PCs?

Leasing an iPad opens doors to plenty of options…

ipad lease

Apple has always had a bigger picture in mind with regards to the iPads. Ever since the launch of the original iPad back in 2010, Apple iPads are touted to be the replacements of the PCs. Furthermore, Steve Jobs was known to have implied that the while PCs are the ‘trucks’ of the computer world, the iPads refer to the ‘cars’ in the same world.  While there are some factors that still keep the iPads taking over the PCs, the launch of iOS 11 could make that possible as the Apple claims?  Let’s cross the bridge when we come to it, in the meanwhile opt for iPad lease today from iPad Rental Dubai to check out for yourself.

To some extent, the iPads could probably replace the PCs especially with the iPads being ultra-portable devices, 10 hrs of battery backup, having an option of built-in mobile data and with its biggest strong suit being the adaptability as a laptop when attached to the keyboard and functions as a tablet especially during travel, when portability is required.

However, there is another debate ever since this above claim originated that the iPads are for the content consumption, while the PCs are for content creation. This argument is also true, more so with the lack of the file system in the iPads. There are many inadequacies in the iPads, like though we can do the photo editing, gaming and stuff like that on the iPads, like on the PCs it is not its forte. While we can still have a make-do arrangement with the iPads, the absence of the file system is definitely pinching.  To this Steve Jobs, back then ruled it out saying that file system is not required on the iPads as all you have to do is switch to the app and get the work done. While it seems to be a feasible solution, what if you want to access a document you saved five years back and you have no idea to which app it belongs to- a word document or a PDF.

Will the absence of a visible file system ever bother Apple? On this note, we would like to mention that Apple might introduce the iOS 11 during the WWDC 2017 to be held in June, with a possible release in September. But, one thing is for sure, that the technology experts are hopeful of a finder app this time around, which will help the users to track down the documents from among different applications. Quite possibly, a ‘shelf’ feature might also be introduced in the iOS 11 where one can drag the files and store it on the top for later use, a shelf basically, like a clipboard.

All are yet speculations and opinions and we will have to wait and watch what iOS 11 brings to the table.

For more details on iPad lease from iPad Rental Dubai, contact us at +971 55 5279076.

Apple iPad 2017, A Middling?

Out of the blue, Apple has launched its latest iPad. The bars are higher than ever before, especially after the launch of the iPad Pro. While the higher cost would have been a spoiler with the iPads in general, the latest iPad 2017 has changed that too. Touted as the cheapest iPad yet, the latest Apple iPad has some best cards to play. Opt for iPad rental today from iPad Rental Dubai to get your hands on the latest iPads and do not forget to take a peek at our blogs section for some interesting stories.

iPad Rental Dubai

Looks like, the latest Apple iPad is launched to replace the iPad Air2. To us, however, the latest iPad is a mixed bag of features. There are certainly some new add-ons, but there are some compromises as well. First off, it has all the latest technology incorporated into it. The A9 chip from the iPhone 6S makes its way into the iPad topped with a 2GB RAM.  The much-hyped touch ID itself gives every reason to the customer to grab this latest Apple product.  Another bonus is the 32 GB of storage space, a thumbs-up for buying this product.

On the downside is the omission of the anti-reflective screen that makes it difficult to view the tablet under the bright sun or at nights in the brilliant light, especially after having handled the anti-reflective screens.  Another sore thumb is the thicker iPad, which is heavier than both iPad Air and iPad Pro measuring 6.1 mm in thickness weighing 437 gm. Looks wise the model is pretty laid back and is more in lines with the 2013 iPad Air model.  The chassis is same as that of the iPad Pro with the matte finish giving it a look of sophistication unlike the other iPads with the glossy finish. The two speaker setup is also a little of a letdown when compared to the four speaker setup of the iPad Pro. Despite a few drawbacks, the latest iPad is lot deal better encompassing all the modern conveniences.

While iPad Pro leaves no room for complaints, the latest iPad, on the other hand, was clearly not made to set benchmarks. In fact, the whole idea is to introduce a budget model and a possible intermediary until the 10.5 in iPad Pro is introduced, which is highly likely to make it to the WWDC next month. Apple has to come up with nothing short of a miracle when it does launch the highly speculated 10.5 in iPad Pro. With much slimmer bezels, the 10.5 in iPad Pro is expected to look more like the 9.7 in iPad Pro.

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